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Tiny Tim The Plush Yorkshire Terrier


Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim. Tiny Tim is a gracious, easy-going Yorkshire Terrier.

He is mad for chasing waves. He hates mirrors. Tiny Tim is gorgeous.

Despite the fact that he sometimes rolls in the biggest, dirtiest mud puddles he can find, he is as totally committed a friend as a pup could conceivably be.

But then it happened; Tiny Tim's human grew old and moved to a nursing home where he could not bring Tiny Tim. Tiny Tim was dropped off at the shelter, and that is the last time they ever saw each other again.

But Tiny Tim, like all dogs, does not dwell on the past. He lives in the present and wags his tail for the future. Tiny Tim is a sporty, high energy dog. Tiny Tim's unbelievable intelligence makes him the perfect pup for anyone seeking adventure. You should know that Tiny Tim is a little excited around cats . We recommend a home where he'll get regular walks or runs and plenty of training sessions.

  • Tiny Tim's Details

  • Name: Tiny Tim
  • Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
  • Age: 11 months
  • Sex: b
  • Energy Level: Leads daily adventures. Loves chasing waves, hates mirrors


Hand made of luxurious merino wool.

Are you ready to adopt Tiny Tim and give this heirloom quality work of art a forever home?

Like all of our products, Tiny Tim is handmade in the U.S.A. Your purchase helps us donate pups to fundraisers for rescue dogs around the world.

Tiny Tim


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