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Pistachio The Plush Yellow Lab



Friends, introducing Pistachio. Pistachio is a regal, thoughtful young lady. She is a Yellow Lab.

She adores playdates and is terrified of airplanes. Pistachio is really, really cute.

Pistachio is a dedicated friend to humans (even though she sometimes sometimes peed NEXT to the newspaper when she was first being trained).

But one day, Pistachio's human went away to college and could not bring Pistachio. Her human had no other choice than to put Pistachio up for adoption.

But Pistachio, like all dogs, does not dwell on the past. She lives in the present and wags her tail for the future. Pistachio is a sporty, high energy dog. Pistachio's unbelievable intelligence makes her the perfect pup for anyone seeking adventure. Pistachio is "overly affectionate" . We recommend a home where she'll be around other active dogs.

  • Pistachio's Details

  • Name: Pistachio
  • Breed: Yellow Lab
  • Age: 2
  • Sex: g
  • Energy Level: Wild man. Loves playdates, terrified of airplanes


Hand made of luxurious merino wool.

Are you ready to adopt Pistachio and give this heirloom quality work of art a forever home?

Like all of our products, Pistachio is handmade in the U.S.A. Your purchase helps us donate pups to fundraisers for rescue dogs around the world.



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