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Welcome to The Shelter.
Commence Rescuing!

Welcome to our official stuffed dog "shelter" where you can rescue your very own ShelterPup. Our shelter is literally stuffed with adorable plush dogs that need your forever home.

As you browse through the rows of one-of-a-kind stuffed dogs, you can visit with them in their little cages. You'll usually find them lounging around or playing with their toys, just waiting for a Rescue Hero to rescue them.

All dog lovers (that's us! you know it true!) know that every dog is completely unique. Our beautiful, hand-crafted stuffed dogs are too. From their unique coat patterns and colors, to their backstory and personality traits. No two are alike, just like the real dogs we love and care for. Each one is a work of art; an heirloom treasure, perfect for play or display!

Help a real dog when you adopt a ShelterPup stuffie

Every ShelterPup purchase benefits real dogs waiting for their forever homes in shelters near you! Our fundraising efforts for at-risk dogs can be found across the country. Know a shelter or rescue that could benefit from our help? Tell 'em to email us!

Currently Available


the stuffed dog

Plush dog     1 year old boy
Sassy. Loves arranging pillows, terrified of the washing machine.
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the stuffed dog

Plush dog     3 year old boy
Hero. Loves all neighbors, known for acting like a cat.
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the stuffed dog

Plush dog     8 months year old girl
Snores loudly. Loves dishtowels, known for napping.
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the stuffed dog

Plush dog     1 year old girl
Old curmudgeon. Loves waffles, favorite treat: cold french fries.
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