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Frequently Asked Questions

Before emailing us, have a quick look at these questions that we get all the time. Hopefully we can answer them and you'll have a heaping helping of customer self-service!

I want one! How much do they cost?

Check out our Custom Stuffed Dog page for information about current pricing and availability.

More info about our Custom Stuffed Dogs

How should I care for my ShelterPup?

Need to give your ShelterPup a bath? We recommend spot cleaning your ShelterPup with clear (uncolored) soap and warm water. Gently rub the dirty area and then pat dry with a clean towel or cloth. ShelterPups are not machine washable.

Wool, like all natural fibers, is susceptible to color fading from direct sunlight. Please protect your ShelterPup from direct sunlight.

Nap and lint brushes can keep your ShelterPup's coat looking smooth and freshly groomed. Have a longer haired dog? A nap brush can help maintain your ShelterPup's adorable fluffy coat.

Are ShelterPups appropriate for children or real dogs?

ShelterPups are soft sculpture and not a tradition stuffed animal. We recommend ShelterPups for children ages 8 and above.

Only the highest quality safety eyes and noses are used for ShelterPups. The luxurious merino coats are especially soft and perfect for cuddling.

ShelterPups are not appropriate for real dogs and should not be considered dog toys. Real dogs may think ShelterPups are a tasty treat but chewing or eating parts of a ShelterPup could be harmful to your dog.

What size are ShelterPups?

The average size of a ShelterPup is 8 inches long and weights approximately 7 ounces. Some Pups are slightly bigger and some Pups are slightly smaller. They are a cross between a toy & a small pillow and are super cuddly. See a photo of our founder, Theodora with her ShelterPups


Custom stuffed cats are available! Check out our special cats page to preview photos and learn more.

International Shipping?

Yes! We ship ShelterPups all over the world. Our order form is international and allows you to specify international addresses for billing and shipping.

I have a different question

Need a training or grooming tip for your pup? Want to tell us how much you love wool, dogs and adventures? Questions, comments or concerns? Email us at if you have a question not answered here. Email is the fastest, and preferred, method of communication. Our email skills are awesome - you may even receive a reply instantly.


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