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Customs are fun to make, fun to own

So, just how custom can you get with your ShelterPup???

Because of our special, handmade, felting process we can reproduce nearly any coat color or pattern, snout shape, long or short ears, even a custom nose color. Just send us photos of all special markings!

We LOVE making custom stuffed dogs. Your incredible photos and stories inspire us, and each dog is a unique challenge for our felting artists.

We have a lot of really awesome information on this website, but nothing can prove how awesome a ShelterPups custom plush stuffed dog is better than a picture. So check out these samples of our work below. We are proud of the results and think the quality and workmanship is overwhelmingly evident in our photos.

Plus, looking at cute dog photos is really fun. So no more talk, just photos. Were so proud of our custom stuffed dogs. Join in the fun and scroll down through our ShelterPups custom alumni photos.

When you feel inspired you can Place your custom order. We'll be ready!

We can make...

...any breed imaginable

Gotta have one? Send us some photos of your special pooch!

Order your custom stuffed dog today.

And after you fall in love with your finished pup, email us your story so we can inspire even more people and keep giving back to rescue dogs one shelter at a time.


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