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Custom Stuffed Dogs!

Unbelievable Quality:
  • Pure luxurious Merino Wool
  • Handmade in the U.S.A.
  • Proceeds support Shelters and Rescues!
  • Custom stuffed animals made from your photos

Price: $175 $150

Current Turnaround Time:
Approximately 1-2 weeks

Need it sooner?
Rush Delivery Options are available! An incredible 3 day turnaround time for an additional $50. Email us to learn more!

Custom Cats?
Yes! We make custom stuffed cats too. Learn more now!

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We'll make a custom stuffed dog of any dog you can photograph. Your dog is absolutely unique. Wouldn't you love to have a stuffed animal that looks just like your beloved pooch?! We would too, which is exactly why we offer ShelterPups Custom Plush Stuffed Dogs.

See some Before & After Photos of recent Custom Stuffed Shelter Pups made from photos!

We specialize in quirky, unique, and just plain ol' special dogs. Send us a few favorite photos of your dog (front and side views) and be sure to tell us about any special markings. We can't wait to see them and then immortalize your dog in a custom stuffed plush version.

Before you email us, here are few answers to the most frequently questions:
  1. Looking for a custom stuffed cat? Check out our special cats page for more info!
  2. Custom Shelter Pups currently cost $175 $150 each.
  3. Our average turnaround time is 2 weeks (subject to volume of orders) and is posted on this page (look to the right) as it changes
  4. The average size of a Shelter Pup is 8 inches long and weights approximately 7 ounces. Some Pups are slightly bigger and some Pups are slightly smaller. They are a cross between a toy & a small pillow and are super cuddly. See a photo of our founder, Theodora with her Shelter Pups
  5. Yes, we ship internationally. We will get you the best shipping quote we can when we get your order.
A handmade felted version of your pup is the perfect gift for a child going off to college (and leaving the family pet behind for the first time). They make beautiful memorial gifts when a beloved pet passes away. Or buy one for yourself just because they are irresistible, just like your dog. We understand completely.

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See the Magic

  • A beautiful russet coat...

  • looking good in felt!

  • We love the things that make your dog look totally unique: coat markings and colors, oddball quirks and expressions, maybe even a 'flaw' or two.

  • Unha, the adorable Golden Retriever...

  • captured forever as a puppy!

  • Custom is our specialty, and its something the replicated pedigree dogs sold in the toy stores just cant do. Gotta have one?

  • Sometimes simple things...

  • are the most divine.

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Ordering Options

Are you ready for the Ultimate Stuffed Dog?

Our order form is as easy as 1-2-3!

Gift Certificates are available!

Purchase and redeem them here! .